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The Group’s operational activities are divided into the following divisions:


Engineering Services


Medical Imaging Solutions


Healthcare Solutions

mediconVideo Walls

Video Walls, Control Rooms


IT Solutions

​Tele Radiology, Tele Reporting

We work with diagnostic centres, radiologists, hospitals, and other medical organisations who need remote reading of CT scans, MRIs, and X-rays using our online Teleradiology Services and MRI Software Solutions. We provide 24/7 diagnostic imaging and Teleradiology Software to help healthcare professionals access and analyse vital medical images. Tele ECG Reporting is also available using innovative IT technologies for medical institutions. Our IT Consulting for Healthcare guarantees your medical organisation has cutting-edge technology, efficient processes, and seamless integration of Medical Imaging Software and Radiology Workflow Solutions. Diagnostic Report Sharing simplifies the communication of essential patient information, ensuring healthcare practitioners may obtain accurate and timely results as needed.

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Associated Partners


The Agfa-Gevaert Group develops, produces and distributes an extensive range of imaging systems and IT solutions.

We provide services for Computed Radiography (CR) , Digital Radiography (DR) , Panels, Printers and Imaging Solutions. We are associated with Agfa from more than 22+ years.


Barco NV is a Belgian technology company that specializes in digital projection and imaging technology.

We provide services for Video Walls, Control Rooms, Projectors, Wireless Conferencing and Medical Displays. We are associated with Barco from more than 15+ years.


Everrtech has been a key player in Medical healthcare imaging since its inception in 1998.

We provide sales and services for iWeb Adv PACS, Neorad, iWeb, Image Works- CR/DR workstation and Tele Radiology. We are associated with Everrtech from more than 17+ years.

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